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Donate $5 to the production of Anti and your name will appear in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits. Thank you for helping to make Anti, the short film, possible.


In addition to your name in the final film's credits, your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" section of Anti's IMDb page. This includes creation of an IMDb page, if needed, or linking to an established individual's page. Email communication to verify correct page required for IMDb perk.


This is a "Full Donation" perk minus transaction fees of $0.45. A total of $4.55 will be contributed to the film's funds.

Special Thanks

  • This perk is a permanent inclusion of the final film product, thus, it is estimated to be released (aka delivered) in May/June 2023 at the time of public release of the film.

    Meanwhile, the IMDb addition of "Special Thanks" credit will be added within a month of donation/reciept of info required for IMDb entry.

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