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Thanks to you, the majority of Anti's post-production budget has been raised and paid to gifted industry individuals that have used their talents to help make Anti a top-notch film. Minor additional expenses have made themselves apparent in the final days and we are praying for any additional support possible. The filmmakers are working to pay these additional expenses from their personal finances, however additional funding will significantly speed up the process.

All finishing funds are much appreciated.

Partner with us to receive partners-only gear..

*Total funding is not updated in realtime & includes non-donated funds.


*Post-production mostly complete and financed through previous campaigns. After the pilot's release and depending on distributor requirements, an investment round will likely begin for the production of Anti's first season.


Where Film Funding Goes...

Our Goal

We as a crew strive to plan for, raise, and create with each donated dollar as if we'd worked and earned it ourselves. We're striving for eight seasons of this impactful story and it takes perfection to prove we can in this pilot run.

Let's partner together and make this happen.

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