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Jenna Sue Bennett


Jenna Sue Bennett is both an author and a filmmaker. She published her first children’s book while still a child herself and completed her devotional book for children with cancer, My Walk with Jesus: Devotional Bible, before her eighteenth birthday. She is currently studying film at the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center at Liberty University.

Jenna has worked numerous short films as well as features including "Warehouse: One Step Away from a Bad Forever", "Responders", "An Unlikely Angel", and "Never Give Up". Upon graduation, she plans to expand the premise of Anti and create the first multi-season series on the events of Revelation.

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My Story

Hi, my name is Jenna Sue Bennett… you might know me better as Noah Bennett’s big sister. I’m a film major. I love movies, have every since I was little. Now, I’m making one. 


When I was younger, I remember watching some revelation stuff with my parents. It was really cool, but I got a little scared. Loved the idea though.


In 2020, when the world was on lockdown, I binged Marvel for the first time ever. 

Don’t judge. Better late than never, right?


I was mesmerized. I had had the idea for something new and fresh with a revelation story for a while, and then I realized I wanted it to be accessible to a wide audience. Like Marvel. 


Noah and I were totally on the same page and we started brainstorming and mapping stuff out for what a series could look like. We came up with material for eight.


When I came to college, I started writing the short film pilot, and the idea progressed a little more with the help of my professors… and ya know, Him.


I also saw some of these… "The Chosen", "The Matrix", "Black Mirror", "The Night Manager", "Westworld", "Inception", "This Is Us", "A Quiet Place", "The West Wing", "Designated Survivor", "The Handmaid's Tale", "The Tomorrow War", "The Expanse"... the list goes on, but my watchlist is getting low now! (I really like Sci-fi, if you have any recommendations for me.)

There’s been a boom in antihero stories in recent years. I think we identify with that because we all make bad choices and have reasons why. For the most part, people don’t set out to be the villain of the story. They’re just confused.

So… my brain went... antihero on the Antichrist…


Let’s do it!


I know it’s not gonna everyone’s cup of tea. And I get it. But I wanna be clear about my purpose for it too. So buckle up for the spoilers.


The way I’ve approached this is that the antichrist character is a human. Like us. Who has made some choices that weren’t great and ended up possessed by satan. He just doesn’t know that he is. And the kicker, Jesus is fighting for his soul. 


Some might say that we shouldn’t focus on evil for a story. Others might get put off by the idea that in this story, it’s possible Jesus could save him. But let’s put it this way.


What if one guy told a lie, the other killed someone, the last… we won’t even talk about what he did. Is Jesus only going to save one? Did he only die for one? Is he only gonna try to show his love to one?


Or all. 


No one is beyond redemption. That’s my purpose. That’s my heart.


If you’d join me in making this project, it would mean the world to me. Right now, I’m working two jobs to save up for it because I’m so passionate about this story.


The plan is October 3rd through the 13th of 2022. And I would love to have you there. There’s a few options on how you can do that so check out the “store”. There’s also some cool gear like tees, hoodies, and hats. And you can also get some exclusive partner sneak peeks there too. Wanna read the script? We got you. Just no spoilers, k?

Thx so much for reading and supporting... love you guys!

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